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A total of 164 children have so far been recovered (ATEC score of 10 or below,) using the CD Autism protocol! CD stands for Chlorine Dioxide, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle, anti-pathogenic.


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Miracle of the week:

We have some big news. My daughter who is 13 is now recovered from Autism. Here is our story.

She was diagnosed at 2 with PDDNOS and at 6 with High Functioning Autism. We have been GF/DF since she was 6. Last year, my aunt who is doing the protocol on herself told me about the book. I believed her, but it sounded like a lot of work and the idea of parasites overwhelmed me. We were waiting to go see a DAN doctor for the first time so I wanted to see what his plan was. After our appt with him I was disappointed. He didn't tell me anything new that I haven't already researched. Just gave me a LONG list of supplements for her to take. I did bring up the book and I could tell that he couldn't really talk about it with me. All he said is that some children with Autism have parasites but not all. I went home and thought...well, I could spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements or try the cd. My health had not been doing so well also so I thought that the parasites could be the correlation to it all. So we had her start along with my husband as well since he has some ADD. He felt great right away. He said he never felt so good. I took her first ATEC test on July 30 and it was a 37. We started soon after.

It took a little while for me to see anything. I honestly was disappointed that I didn't' see much change. I was expecting something right away, but I just kept dosing anyway. On Sept 4 I took it again and it was a 21. The changes were very subtle until they built up and I could SEE them.

We are a family of 9 and we homeschool. That was good for us so we could get the doses in but also posed a problem because I was so busy. These past two weeks we were home more and I was able to get in a lot more doses in. That is when I saw the biggest change. I was reading the latest success story when it hit me that she had made a lot of progress recently. So I took the test on a whim and was shocked to see the results. I had my husband take it also to make sure it was true.

Yesterday both my husband and I took it separately and she scored a 9. We are in shock. 

I haven't even given her any enemas yet. We were going to start those this week. She hadn't shown any discomfort so I didn't' feel rushed. We also haven't done any full PP's yet. Finances are tight because we put most of our money into our eating. I just did what we could. I knew that anything is better than nothing. I hope that can encourage everyone. I did give her meb once, DE several times, NEEM, and she takes GABA when I remember to give it to her. I also give her a probiotic. I have her take a dandelion tincture when I think she needs it and Bentonite Clay. Also, I try to get her out to walk! A mile at a time.

To be fully honest, it isn't really regular except the doses. So PLEASE don't be discouraged if you can't be perfect. JUST do what you can and keep going.

The major changes we see in her are: She sleeps! That is a really big one! She is sleeping the whole night. She isn't story talking (stimming) or it is very rare. She has MUCH better eye contact. She is comprehending everything better. She is can understand her Math and is doing much better at school. She is reading WHOLE chapter books. It has blown me away. She is wanting to be with people more. Last night she volunteered to read a Beatrix Potter book to her little brothers. 

And the best part...I feel like I am connecting with her. She is able to have a full conversation with me.  

We will keep dosing on and I still want to do some PP's. There is still more work to do, but it REALLY works! Thank you Kerri Rivera! I am telling people and I don't care if I get flack!

I also want to add, that don't be afraid to share. If it wasn't for my persistent Aunt, I would never have known about it and wouldn't have tried it.

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 February 2015 19:22


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