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What is MMS?

MMS stands for Master Mineral Solution.  It's chemical name is Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). ClO2 is a gas that is produced as a result of combining 2 liquids, Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) and citric acid.  When added to the sodium chlorite, the citric acid brings the combined pH level to under five, causing the sodium chlorite to become unstable and release chorine dioxide. (ClO2) Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer with a lower oxidation potential (.95 V) than any of the other oxidizers in the human body.

Why MMS for Autism?

We know that autism is made up of:

Heavy Metals
Food allergies

MMS is proven to kill pathogens through oxidation, and to neutralize heavy metal compounds.  In turn inflammation is reduced, as well as some food sensitivities.

But I heard that MMS is the same thing as chlorine bleach?

Not True.

Activated MMS (sodium chlorite + citric acid) is chlorine dioxide (Cl02).  Chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).

ClO2 ≠ NaOCl

Similarly, oxygen = O2 and ozone = O3. The formulas can appear similar, however it is safe to breathe oxygen and not safe to breathe ozone.  O2 ≠ O3

But, there is no way that MMS (chlorine dioxide) can differentiate between pathogens and beneficial bacteria.

Not True.

There are differences between pathogens and beneficial bacteria. In the first place:

Pathogens create a waste material that is poisonous to the body.
Beneficial bacteria do not generate any poisonous material.


All organisms and body cells have an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) that can be either positive or negative. The ORP is the electrical charge that cells exert on other things in their immediate environment. Oxidizers (i.e. chlorine dioxide) also have an ORP, mostly called Oxidation Potential, and all oxidizers have a positive potential.

All pathogens (poison producers) have a negative ORP.
All beneficial bacteria have a positive ORP.

Positive charges repel one another. Thus the chlorine dioxide never touches the beneficial bacteria and thus the beneficial bacteria are not destroyed. On the other hand, pathogens have a negative ORP. Remember the rule that opposite charges attract one another. Thus the pathogens are attracted to the oxygen and are destroyed instantly.

I heard MMS can cause tissue damage…

Not True.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has an oxidation potential (strength) of  .95 volts.  Human tissue can withstand 1.28 volts of oxidation potential (the potential of oxygen) therefore chlorine dioxide is simply too weak of an oxidizer to harm healthy tissue.  Pathogens, heavy metal compounds and poisons cannot withstand the oxidation potential of chlorine dioxide and are therefore oxidized and destroyed when they come in contact with it.

Isn't MMS Snake Oil?

Not True.

Snake oil does not play a critical role in the recovery of 235 children (as of October, 2016) with Autism. Our children are getting better, and no amount of rhetoric can take that away.

How do I get started?

Watch the MMS Baby Bottle Video

You can start off on Day 1 making an 8oz Baby Bottle with one activated drop, apply one ounce 8 times a day, this way you will get into the habit of the minimum of 8 doses right from the first day. Make sure if you are activating the drops of MMS in your baby bottle that it is clean and DRY!  If not your drops will not activate!

Here's the protocol including how to dose MMS for ASD's by weight:

Updated MMS Protocol with Graphics


Q: Is an hour enough time to separate MMS neutralizers from the MMS dose?

A: MMS is active for only one hour however, supplements like vitamins A, C and E and GSH need to taken more than an hour apart from an MMS dose. For example, orange juice and other high antioxidant fruits are a problem even after an hour. So, the best thing to do is eliminate everything that kills the MMS. Or it is pretty much like not using MMS. I have seen it too many times. Not worth it.

Q: Can I use coconut and almond milk with MMS?

A: You can use coconut and almond milk 30 to 60 minutes away from MMS without a problem. They do not do well together.

Q: Can I use rice milk to give the MMS instead of water?

A: Water is what we need to use to give the MMS. Rice milk might be okay but you would need to test how it affects the potency of the MMS. You can get the LAMOTTE 3002 chlorine dioxide test strips at www.amazon.com

Q: What is 72/2 ?

A: 72/2 is when you give a dose every two hours around the clock for 72 hours.

Q: Do you recommend 72/2 for everyone?

A: Yes, once a child is at 100% MMS oral, enema, baths then they can do a weekend. They are tough and some kids do wonderful. I have had families do it for a week, dad did one night mom another and they did it for a long time. A lot of families get a nice boost But if you do a couple of sessions and you don't see anything then forget it.

Q: Is there a seasonal-allergy protocol for using MMS ? I suffer from extreme itching in my eyes, redness, puffiness, sneezing, sinus congestion etc . Will MMS provide relief quickly or does it need to be used over a long period of time?

A: Once you get to full dose of MMS and a good probiotic like Theralac, allergies typically start to minimize.

Q: Can I use original Nutriiveda with MMS?

A: Nutriiveda is derived from whey, a dairy product. In humans, dairy causes inflammation and mucus, which provides a protective refuge for pathogens. This makes the product not conducive for autism recovery. Although it is not contraindicated like vitamin C, it contains antioxidants that will neutralize the MMS.

Q: Can MMS be used to treat multiple sclerosis?

A: MMS does not seem to help.

Q: Does clay or bentonite clay interfere with MMS? How far apart should it be taken from MMS?

A: One hour apart from MMS is fine. I use diatomaceous earth about 10 minutes apart from an MMS dose.

Q: Is ibuprofen ok to take while doing MMS protocol?

A: Yes, all drugs are fine, if you use drugs.

Q: Is it a problem to transfer an ounce of MMS to a steel bottle briefly before drinking it?

A: No, that is fine.

Q: What is intestinal biofilm supposed to look like?

A: Fluffy, cloudy, mucousy, no rules on the color. But it is usually a cloudy color-white, grey, mucousy.

Q: Can I try the MMS ear protocol if my child has not started oral doses?

A: Yes!! Please start the eardrops, every hour till symptoms disappear. However, work towards a full oral dose, at least one drop 8 times a day to combat the infection on all fronts.

Q: Can I give my child fresh pressed green juices (celery, kale, cucumber, apple)?

A: Anything that is very nutritious is nutritious for the pathogens. So, a healthy green drink is healthy and an antioxidant for the pathogens. Once we are at 100% MMS oral etc. then the people who really like to juice can give it to the child and see if we get undesirable behaviors.

Q: Are there other specific foods, veggies or fruits that need to be avoided in addition to juices?

A: All antioxidants are a problem. Chocolate is a strong antiox. Broccoli has not been known to damage the MMS by means of the amount eaten. In a glass of juice there can be 4 to 7 apples (or whatever fruit) and to eat a field of broccoli for a little fella might not be so easy. We just need to know that citrus is bad. Juice is a huge problem and antioxidant vitamins are a problem. However, vitamin D is fine.

Q: Can I use less than one ounce of water to administer a dose of MMS?

A: One ounce is best. You can always chase with more water, but the initial dose should be somewhat diluted, so at least an ounce.

Q: My child seems very uncomfortable. What should I do?

A: If you see a detox like this, reduce the dose of MMS. Pathogens are dying and being released into the bloodstream on their way out of the body. This causes discomfort in some people.

Q: How do I dose my child when he/she is at school from 8:30 am to 3 pm? I work full time so "dropping in to dose" is not an option.

A: Give a dose at 7:30, one at the door of the school at 8:30 and the 3rd dose of the day at 3pm at the door of the school.

Q: How do you move MMS through inspections at the airport?

A: I have carried it on and moved 10 of each in my luggage and everything was fine. I use a double ziplock in either case.

Q: Can MMS be harmful?

A: www.youtube.com "Straight talk on MMS" Andreas Kalcker is a scientist who has done many conferences on chlorine dioxide molecule. It is very safe at the levels we use it at. No deaths. Not even the one mentioned by the FDA in Australia. Autopsy proved it was not related to MMS use.

Q: My son is not having daily bowel movements. What should I do?

A: Do MMS enemas everyday until the stools normalize to daily.

Q: My child's appetite has changed since starting MMS. Is this normal?

A: Yes. On average larger kids tend to slim down while thinner kids tend to gain some weight.

Q: What is the MMS ear, eye, nose protocol?

A: Mix 1 oz of water with 1 activated drop of MMS. Put one drop of this mixture in the affected area (ear, eye, nose) every hour until the symptoms disappear. DO NOT USE ACTIVATED MMS ALONE! Useful for nasal congestion (drop in nose) and for redness or the eye goop (drop in eye).

Q: Can I use Netti pot saline with the mixture when doing an ear, eye or nose wash?

A: No. Do not use a Netti pot with MMS.

Q: Is it normal to see black specks coming out after using enemas? We saw white specks for a couple of days too.

A: Black specks are metals. Oxalates are known to bond to metals and would come out with metals. White dots are eggs. Everything comes out with this stuff. I love MMS.

Q: Does MMS stain clothes?

A: Yes, inactivated MMS (sodium chlorite, NaClO2) stains clothes.

Q: Can you get MMS in capsules?

A: No, but you can put it in a capsule. However, I DO NOT recommend it.

Q: What is a good MMS-friendly multivitamin?

A: Any multivitamin is fine that does not have antioxidants. However, most multivitamins do. So, instead I add in supplements on an as needed basis. Vitamins A, K, C, E, CoQ10, Glutathione are all antioxidants and they kill MMS. Separating antioxidants from MMS by an hour will not help because the antioxidants will still be present when you dose with MMS again. I prefer quinton for minerals. It is ocean water and our blood is very similar to ocean water. The body recognizes those 90 minerals in the ocean water. It is not cheap. But, it is the best.

Q: Must the activated MMS water mix be stored in a glass bottle, or is a no-BPA plastic bottle with airtight cap ok?

A: I prefer glass to any plastic. MMS can and does degrade plastic when it is activated into chlorine dioxide. Yes the bottle needs to remain sealed.

Q: Is it normal to see diarrhea in the beginning of the mms protocol?

A: There are 2 types of diarrhea, generally speaking. One is the water faucet. That is not good. Cut back on the MMS to the last amount when the child was stable. The other type is the loose, unformed stool…this is normal during detox.

Q: Can I use warm water instead of cold water to store MMS and how long will it remain potent mixed in the baby bottle?

A: MMS is a gas and has to be preserved in a sealed container. Cold or room temperature does not matter, it will last about 24 hours in or out of refrigeration.

Q: How many drops go in an MMS bath?

A:  It depends on the weight of the child (20-60). If he is a little guy I might start at 10 or 15 activated drops and work up over the course of the next couple of weeks.

If you have further questions send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In the subject line please put your country, your child's age and weight. i.e. US, age 6, 50 lbs. In the body of the email please begin with supplements or protocols you are currently using.

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