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Where can I get support for using CD?

MMS is a developing field.  Things change as we learn more and make progress with different methods.  Many people are working on this on different levels.  This is an attempt to point you in the right direction for the information you are seeking.

 Terminology  Activators
MMS is now called CD by Kerri Rivera and all her support groups.

MMS/CD must be mixed with an activator before use. There are 2 recommended.

MMS1/MMS/CD = all the same thing, 28% solution of sodium chlorite, a liquid.
CDS = chlorine dioxide solution; usually make this yourself, a liquid.
MMS2 = calcium hypochlorite, a powder.
Citric acid 50% primary recommended activator by Jim Humble groups.
HCl 4% or 5% primary recommended activator by Kerri Rivera groups.


As far as support groups go, there are groups following Kerri's MMS/CD and parasite protocol as found in her book and support groups for Jim Humble protocols as presented in his book.  Kerri's groups are more heavily moderated to stay on topic than the Jim Humble groups.

 Kerri Rivera Support Groups
 Jim Humble Support Groups
NOTE: Kerri's groups are heavily moderated to stay on topic. These are support groups NOT debate groups, a positive, supportive atmosphere is maintained.

NOTE: less heavily moderated thus allowing for greater diversity of views, but these are support groups also NOT debate groups.

CD Autism Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/CDAutism/  ASD support only
 Genesis 2 Forum http://www.g2cforum.org/
CDHealth Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mojoother/ Adults following Kerri's protocols for various conditions
CDS for ASD Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cdsforasd/ for discussing CDS making as decribed in Kerri's book
CD Autism Forum http://mmsautism.org/forum/forum.php for discussing Kerri's protocols


Jim Humble's books http://jhbooks.org/
These protocols require you to take responsibility for your own health.  You need to get the book you want to follow first, and then get support on one or more of these groups.  There are very experienced and helpful people on all these groups.  Some are more active than others. 
It is important to remember these are support groups for people who want and need help.  We are not here to debate with doubters, we are here to help those who want help and appreciate it.  Troublemakers get weeded out fast because they harm those who really need help.  Many good people are freely donating countless hours of help for those who need it.  Please pay it forward and jump in to start helping others when you get helped yourself.  All of us working together can make a big difference in many, many lives.
There are many doubters and haters on the internet, just ignore them.  That's what we are doing and we keep recovering people who want help.  Please feel welcome to join us!

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